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The Homeopathic Consultation – What to expect?

An appointment with a homeopath is very different from an appointment with a medical doctor.


A well selected homeopathic remedy is based on your (i.e., the patient’s) totality of symptoms – that is, your physical, mental and emotional symptoms.  Thus, while a medical doctor pays attention only to the patient’s one or two primary concerns, such as a migraine headache, I, as the homeopath, will want to know about all aspects of your migraines, all other physical complaints, plus your mental and emotional symptoms.


To receive good homeopathic care, you will need to actively participate in the healing process.  Indeed, the quality of homeopathic care you receive will depend, in large part, on the information you provide. As your homeopath, I am trying to learn enough about you in order to select the best possible remedy. Thus, it is important for you to be as forthcoming as possible.


In advance of your first visit, I will have you fill out a questionnaire, covering such things as your medical and vaccination histories, medications and supplements taken, etc.


The actual visit will take place in a relaxed, comfortable environment.  I will listen attentively and take detailed notes as you describe all of your symptoms.


In addition to the description of your symptoms, I will want to know what makes them better or worse. For example, you might find that your migraines are better by applying a cold pack and worse from humid weather. Other things that may make your symptoms better or worse include certain times of the day or seasons of the year; weather such as rain, fog, wind, etc.; emotional or social situations; and eating certain foods.  Thus, it’s beneficial for you to think of these before we meet, to ensure a productive sharing of information.


I will also be interested in learning what you are like as a person, since this has a bearing on selecting the appropriate medicine as well.  For example, how would you describe your temperament? What are your aspirations?  What makes you feel anxious?  Do you tend to be suspicious, jealous, timid, hurried, angry, etc.?


Following this initial interview, which takes about one to two hours, I will spend additional time studying and analyzing your case in order to select the most ideal, curative homeopathic remedy for you.