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Patient Protection at the Forefront with Proclamation of the Homeopathy Act, 2007

April 1, 2015 marks the proclamation date of the Homeopathy Act, 2007, which establishes homeopathy as one of 28 regulated health professions in Ontario, along with medical doctors, physiotherapists, massage therapists, etc., ushering in a new era of protection for homeopathy patients.

As of April 1, only those registered with the College can use the title Homeopath. What sets registered homeopaths apart is that, under the Regulated Health Professions Act, 1991, they are accountable to the College of Homeopaths of Ontario to provide safe, competent and ethical practice. An exhaustive set of professional practice standards and guidelines forms the backdrop against which practice will be maintained. The public register of homeopaths allows members of the public to determine the registration status of a practitioner.

For more information, please see the College’s website: www.collegeofhomeopaths.on.ca.


Great News!  The College of Homeopaths of Ontario has secured Canada Revenue Agency recognition of homeopaths as authorized practitioners for the purpose of claiming medical expenses.

The regulation of homeopathy in Ontario provides a number of benefits to the patients of registered homeopaths.  Among these is the opportunity to claim services provided by homeopaths as authorized medical expenses.